Lenovo 80E501LRIN 15.6-inch Laptop (Core_i5_5200U/4GB/1TB/ATI JET LE R5 M230 DDR3L 2GB Graphics)

Lenovo 80E501LRIN 15.6-inch Laptop (Core_i5_5200U/4GB/1TB/ATI JET LE R5 M230 DDR3L 2GB Graphics), Black From Amazon.in


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Product Description

HD Screen

Buying a new laptop can be really exciting but one needs to spend time in deciding which laptop to invest into. Lenovo 80E501RIN 15.6-inch Laptop is for everyone who are fed up of sitting in front of desktop. If you work for long hours in front of a desktop or if you are a student who need an electronic system in college or library then investing in a laptop is the best idea. Enhance your experience of watching movie and gaming with the help of 15.6 inch HD screen.

Light weight

The black colour suits everyone’s choice. It not only looks classy but also doesn’t look dirty for a longer period of time in comparison to lighter colours. It weighs only 2.5 kg which makes it easy for you to carry it to your workplace and work conveniently from there. You can now watch movies, educational videos, listen to your favourite music sitting at the comfort of your bed. In fact, if you work from home then make this experience better by avoiding the desktop and replacing it with a laptop. The length, breadth and height of this product can be given as 38.4 x 2.5 x 26.5 cm.

Store data

Lenovo 80E501RIN 15.6-inch Laptop uses Intel processor and has a Core i5-5200U processor type. The processor speed is 2.2 GHz and has 4 GB RAM size. Now you can browse internet, play songs, download movies all at the same time. Enjoy the bliss of multitasking without any distraction. It uses DDR3L memory technology. You get access to 1024 GB hard drive which means that you can now sae your data in your very own laptop. You also get liberty to extend it to 16 GB. It comes with Windows 8.1 operating system with a free upgrade to Windows 10.

High connectivity

Lenovo 80E501RIN 15.6-inch Laptop uses mechanical hard drive technology with a built-in dual speaker. Now enhance the experience of listening to music and watching movies with dual speakers. It uses ATI radeon graphics coprocessor. 2 USB 2.0 ports are provided for you to be able to have a better connectivity. Now you can easily have access to data from other gadgets in your laptop. It also has a USB 3.0 port and HDMI port. Lenovo 80E501RIN 15.6-inch Laptop has 4 cell battery, average battery life is around 4 hours which lets you work continuously without any interruption. 2.2 GHz with Turbo enables you to spice up to 2.7 GHz. Now speed up along with the fast pacing world and excel in whatever field you get into.