Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold)

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Product Description

Sleek and Unique

Lightweight and slim Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold) comes in an unconventional VIBE multi-layered design that can perfectly suits your life-style. It has a sturdy body and features a HD capacitive touchscreen of 5 inches. View images, watch videos, play games, do web-browsing and much more in full HD quality, with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution that promises to offer crisp, clear and high-quality viewing experience.

Improved Video Quality

Integrated with MediaTek True8Core processors, Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold) offers you unmatched video shooting experience. Easy to operate, these features include beautification and various picture modes. Its 13 MP primary camera with flash allows you to click brighter and vibrant pictures even in low light. It also allows you to play videos in slow motion and record four times faster than normal video recorders. Pinch-to-zoom feature makes zooming in and out easy and smooth. You can also take distortion-free stunning selfies with its 5 MP front camera. Click, record and save all your favourite media files in its huge 32 GB internal memory. You can also store your favourite movies and important documents without worrying about running out of space.

Ultimate Gaming Experience

Playing games will never be the same with Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold).Playing games for hours does not drain the battery, thanks to the powerful 2300mAh battery of Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold). In addition, to boost and amplify your gaming experience, this Smartphone comes inbuilt with VIBE X2 Speaker, which delivers high quality JBL audio.

High-Powered Interface and Processor

Sensibly designed to match your needs and style, this smartphone comes packed with bundle of powerful features. Loaded with advanced octa-core processor and 2GB RAM, Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold) allows you to execute heavy operations, like playing big size HD games for long hours. Multitasking becomes easy, as Octa-core processor teamed with 4.4 KitKat Android operating system enables you to navigate pages or tabs side by side, without having to close any of the tabs to open new one. Furnished with 2GB RAM, this Smartphone offers you the liberty to download and run multiple apps at full extent, without worrying about freezing or slowing of the processor. Talk, chat, do video-meetings, listen music, create presentations and graphs in real-time, stay in touch with the world… do all with Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold).