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Super Screenshots, unleash your creativity. Long Screenshot — Long chat logs making it difficult to share? Don’t worry, now you can transform them into a single image enhanced vivo long screenshot function, and then share it across all your networks with ease. Funny Screenshot — Ready to make your screenshots stylish? Now you can choose from rectangular, lasso, or doodle screenshot mode, unleashing your creative side. Screen Recording — Take it to the next level by capturing on-screen activity and turn it into a video! Make game walkthroughs or application demos, showcasing your talent and imagination to the world. Dual SIM and Dual Standby — Don’t juggle career and fun. The Y15S features two SIM Slots for both work and play, with a huge 128GB of extended storage. Chat on Whatsapp, update Facebook, watch online videos and be empowered, every moment of your day. You’ll never need to carry two separate phones again. Smart Wake, magic at your fingertips — A single fingertip lets you totally control your phone from a locked screen. Swipe patterns call up functions on command-such as your camera, music, browsers, social media, and more. Dazzle and delight with a mere magical touch! Palm Capture — Simply waving your hand to take shots of yourself from a distance with surprising ease. No more awkward-angle selfies again when you can step back, wave, and show off your best side. Beautification Wonders — vivo Y15S’s personalized beautification mode lets you change your photos to suit your mood, capturing your most beautiful moments.